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Web 2.0

Hey, guess what? The "Web" (and Internet) isn't a "fad" and it didn't "go away"! (so Bill Gates and some "influencial" persons within Region 3 ESC's boundaries) were wrong!) Not only is the Web "not a fad", it's now "evolving" into what is now being coined as "Web 2"!

Currently, Web 2 seems to revolve around a few "new" applications: RSS, Blogging, and Podcasting.
Quick definitions:

  • RSS - Really Simple Syndication
  • Blog - is short for "weblog" - actually the first was described by Berners-Lee - the "founder" of the web - back in the 1990's!
  • Podcasting - is really a mis-nomer because it may or may NOT involve an IPod - consider it to be "talk radio" via Internet via audio files and blogs!
There's a great deal of discussion about what that term (Web 2) really means! Rather than confuse the issue, you decide. Please take the time to read and digest the following:

Your first resource:

What is it?
Many definitions:
The "mesh":

THE Journal posting entitled: "20 Technology Skills Every Educator Should Have" (June 2005)

Follow up posting to another article that discusses the above article:
"Turner is describing Web 1.0 technologies. For a helpful guide to Web 2.0 technologies, you might look at Will R.'s list "New Internet Literacies" at ."

Resoures that will help explain even more:
The read/write web in the classroom:

Web-based Office:

Writely - "The Web Word Processor" (note that for creating documents, it uses an HTML editor and then converts to Word format)
FCKeditor is also an MS Word-like web app. It's open source too.
gOFFICE - "a browser-based online word processor and desktop publishing program"
Num Sum - web-based spreadsheets - except only the author of a spreadsheet can edit it.
Kiko - Online calendar solution powered by Ajax.
Gmail and now the new Yahoo! Mail (Microsoft is rumored to be working on a Hotmail upgrade, codenamed Kahuna)
S5 - web-based Powerpoint
Webnote - web-based version of Microsoft's OneNote
thinkfree - online Office suite
Openomy - online file-system
Zimbra - collaboration suite - EMail/Calendar and more to come!

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