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Welcome to esc3 DOT ORG ... tis the month of

Translation: Educational Software Covering 3 "flavors" DOT ORG


Edubuntu is a version of the Ubuntu operating system suitable for classroom use. As an educator you'll be able to set up a computer lab, or establish an online learning environment, in an hour or less -- then administer that environment without having to become a fully-fledged Linux geek.

Edubuntu is currently under development by the same development team that produces the wildly popular Ubuntu system. It's a customized version of Ubuntu, scheduled for initial release in October 2005 at the same time as Ubuntu 5.10.

more on Edubuntu ...


One of the "hotest technologies" today is related to audio - listening to music via ITunes or some similar application/device. This technology now "expanding/evolving" and there are applications for Educators and ISD's who "think web"! Check it out: The audio/video Revolution has begun!


    Recently rated #2 in Content Management Systems (OpenSourceCMS) and has a branch of developers that are putting together a specific portal just for Education! :)

    ... read more about Drupal ...


    Moodle stands for "Multiuser Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment"! Moodle is a Learning Management System (LMS) where teachers and students can interact via the web.


For some "hands on" with a Mambo, please visit the "Tinker" Mambo

Tried of "re-inventing the wheel"? Then get involved with the Open Source Solutions mentioned here! :)

For example, how would you like your web site to generate content for you? It's possible with RSS! Read about RSS and NewsFeeds here!

Not Just Talkin' the Talk Here! Actually Waddlin' the Walk!
Have installed OpenOffice Suite on an XP box and created a presentation about esc3 DOT ORG in OO's "native" presentation software (part of the suite) called Impress ... even "saved as" a PowerPoint!

Hmmmm ... brings to mind ... "It's Free! It works! DUH!" :) Wanna see? Check out the presentation files yourself! :)

Have installed a version of OO especially for MacOSX called "NeoOfficeJ"! From NeoOffice/J Home page the suite is described as:
"NeoOffice/J is a fully-featured set of office applications (including word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and drawing programs) for Mac OS X. Based on the office suite, NeoOffice/J has integrated dozens of native Mac features and can import, edit, and exchange files with other popular office programs such as MicrosoftTM Office."

I'll vouch for that! :)

That presentation mentioned above ... exported as web via NeoOffice/J can be viewed here! and you can download the entire web presentation here (zip file link).

For questions about the server: Ken Task.

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